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​​​The Markets are changing in profound ways that make it harder than ever for CEOs and Boards to achieve Fair Valuation for their company’s stock:

The importance of Company Fundamentals is being eroded by the growth of passive and quant investing, the rise of loss-making unicorns and the long-term decline of the sell-side, accelerated by Mifid II.

The breadth of data upon which companies are measured is multiplying with the growing importance of ESG, intangible assets, alternative data, web-scraping, NLP and sentiment analysis.

The threats to Company Valuations are proliferating with increasing concerns about industry disruption and disintermediation, relentless regulation and fragile geopolitics - compounded by society's distrust of business and the growth of cyber-risk, data theft, whistle-blowing, social media and online reviews.

Despite these transformational developments, most companies continue to follow the old, traditional methods of Market Management, resulting in regular stock undervaluation and overvaluation. 

Reputation provides CEOs and Boards with pioneering insights, expertise, processes and disciplines to help them achieve Fair Valuation in this new age of investing.

Reputation Reports

Every quarter we publish a Reputation Report that provides CEOs and Boards with a detailed analysis of the latest developments affecting company stock valuations.

Our latest Reputation Report (Q2 2018) provides an in-depth analysis of "The Rise of Passive Investing - and how Companies should respond".

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