Reputation is a Research and Strategy Consulting Firm that advises CEOs of Public Companies how to achieve Fair Valuation for their Company's Stock.

We work with CEOs, Corporate Boards, Investors and Analysts in order to overcome Stock Undervaluation or Overvaluation and ensure that a Company's Share Price is fairly valued on the world's major Stock Markets.

We do this in two ways:

1. We lead personal, confidential Research among Investors, Analysts and their Influencers that provides Companies with an honest, objective assessment and analysis of Investor opinion.

2. We provide Proprietary Consulting Services which enable CEOs to implement a clear programme of Action and Communication that will both satisfy and strengthen the Investment Theses of the Buy-Side and the Sell-Side.

Whilst maintaining regulatory compliance at all times, this unique combination of Insight, Action and Communication empowers CEOs to deliver the Value that Investors seek - and enables Investors to deepen their understanding of the Value that the Company provides.

If you would like to discuss how Reputation could help you achieve Fair Valuation for your Company's Stock, please connect with us here.