Reputation is a Strategy Consulting Firm that provides personal, confidential counsel to the world's leading CEOs, advising them how to build and protect their company's Market Value in the new world of business - and the new age of investing. 

We do this in two ways:

1. Research: We combine comprehensive corporate analysis with bespoke research among the company's most critical investors, analysts and broader stakeholders, to identify the issues that must be addressed for Market Value to be built and protected.

2. Consulting: We provide CEOs with personal guidance and proven solutions to help them build and protect their company's Market Value across the diverse demands of the investment community: fundamental, quant, passive, retail, private equity and venture capital. 

All our work is confidential, all contact discrete. As a result, we do not share details about our clients nor our services online. 

If you would like to discuss how we could help you build and protect your company's Market Value, however, please connect with us here​​