Reputation is a Strategy Consulting Firm that advises the world's leading CEOs how to build and protect their Company's Market Value in the new world of business - and the new age of investing. 

The Markets are changing in profound ways - ways that make it harder than ever for CEOs to build and protect their Company's Market Value:

1. The importance of Company Fundamentals is being eroded by the growth of passive and quant investing, the rise of loss-making unicorns and the long-term decline of sell-side research, accelerated by Mifid II.

2. The breadth of data upon which Companies are measured is multiplying with the growing importance of ESG, intangible assets and alternative data including web-scraping, NLP and sentiment analysis.

3. The threats to Company Valuations are proliferating with increasing concerns about industry disruption, relentless regulation, fragile geopolitics and CEO scrutiny - compounded by society's distrust of business, the growth of whistle-blowing and cyber-risk plus the irreversible rise of social media and online reviews.

Reputation advises CEOs how to navigate this new age of investing, helping to build and protect their Company's Market Value in the new, volatile environment. 

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